Check With Galaxy Multi Rides for the Newest Amusement Attractions

When you talk about mechanical bulls and quality multiride systems, the only authority in providing top-notch party and amusement equipment is Galaxy Multi Rides. If you are tired of the usual and “the same” party feature, you will definitely be excited with the new action-packed games with Galaxy’s Action Games.

Party trends have now progressed to the more exhilarating and daring! With this, comes a totally different kind of “high”!  Bring a new different kind of entertainment to your hometown: create a fun birthday party, challenge customers at your next festival, make a course event with Galaxy’s Action Games.

Toxic-RampageKeep the adrenalin rush with the Toxic Rampage, the world’s first portable modular obstacle course with the perfect blend of challenging mechanical elements. You can have your own Wipe-out experience during your own birthday party or your loved one as well!

Sweat it out with Redneck Games, a new 4-player action game from Galaxy Multi Rides. A collection of games designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance, themed to look like you are in the swamp of the deep south. Or you might prefer to play on a Battle Zone or a Volcano Zone. Or do you want to have a River Rush?

If you still clamor for more agility, strength and stamina, then nothing beats the Meltdown! There are two spinning boom arms that has only one goal: to knock you down! If you choose to get hit, it is your call! However, for those who wants to stay on top and the last man standing, you will be proclaimed as the Meltdown Champion!

Learn more about this new kind of fun and adventure with Galaxy Multi Rides.



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